About Scenlaboratoriet

Scenlaboratoriet is an experimental and researching theatre and performance group. We in Scenlaboratoriet take our approaches from artistic, psychological and technological fields of research and try to pose and answer new questions pertaining to interaction, communication and what it is to be human in a digital era. We want to create new methodology in theatre and transmedia in areas such as co-creation, participatory design and interplay between fields of research.
The work in Scenlaboratoriet builds upon the technical development, where social processes to a higher extent are mediated through digital arenas and filters. We try to ask questions that in their nature are not only technological, but also humanistic, sociological and psychological. A great deal of human interaction is mediated through higher levels of abstraction. The performing arts and theatre has as one of its major themes to explore human communication in all its shapes and forms. One way of exploring the abstractions and trends of our time is to connect the technological, psychological, transmedial and theatrical ways of relating to these questions.

Carl Heath
is a researcher, designer and larpwright, currently at the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT (www.tii.se). Prior to his current position he was the Director of the Experiential Learning department at the Göteborg Region, a government educational agency in West Sweden. Carl has worked with game design and games since the middle of the 1990s, when he was the project manager at the Swedish National Theatre of the interactive drama Hamlet - Inside, a larp-like version of Hamlet for 120 people, which toured Sweden. Thereafter Carl worked as a designer and project manager at Technohuman in Stockholm, where he in 2001 procuced one of the first ARG experiences in Europe, together with the Emmy award winning designer Martin Ericsson. Between 2002 and 2012 Carl worked at the Gothenburg Region with a focus and commitment to producing state of the art educational experiences. Over the past decade Carl has produced a large number of educational games and immersive experiences for the Swedish school system, as well as abroad. Carl has had the opportunity of working for organisations such as the Swedish National Parliament, The Commission of the European Uniun, the Parliament of the European Union, SIDA, the Swedish aid agency (on projects in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Uganda). Carl has written a large number of games both for enterainment and education over the years. A complete game biography can be found at (http://nordiclarp.org/wiki/Carl_Heath). The last two years Carl has worked as a researcher and designer at The Interactive Institute (www.tii.se), where he has worked with participatory design and co-creation projects with partners such as HM, IKEA, Disney Imagineering, NASA and The Swedish Government. A detailed bio of Carl can be found at (http://carlheath.tumblr.com/about). In 2012 Carl founded Scenlaboratoriet together with Robert Bolin.

Robert Bolin
is an actor, theatre director, larpwright and psychologist currently at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in Gothenburg as artist in residence. Originally, Robert was educated at the Nordic Theatre school in Aarhus, Denmark, were he was educated in the physical theatre traditions of Tadeus Kantor and Jerzy Grotowski. Since then Robert has been working as a freelance actor and performance artist in Sweden as well as abroad for almost two decades. All the while developing and experimenting with his scenical language, working with text, concept and narrative as well as with music, movement, cirque noveau and other propbased expressions. He has been working inside a large range of artistic expression, from classical theatre to live action roleplaying, from musical to street performances and happenings. He has been working inside a large range of artistic expressions, from classical theatre to live action roleplaying, from musical and contemporary dance to street performances and happenings. Robert has written and arranged two larps. He has worked with theatre as an educational tool, directed one community theatre project and are currently working on another. The last years Robert has been taking a double mastertitle, one master of arts in Psychology at Gothenburg University and one of performing arts in Theatre at Malmoe Theatre Academy, Lund University. In 2012 he started “Scenlaboratoriet” together with Carl Heath. An arena aimed at exploring the areas were performance art coincide with psychology and technology through production as well as through discussion and research.

Michael Schade
is an interaction designer, programmer, creative technologist and student at the Chalmers University of Technology. Currently he is writing his master thesis in Interaction Design and Technology at the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in Gothenburg in cooperation with Scenlaboratoriet and the Human and Machine project. Originally from Germany, Michael studied Media Production with a focus on technology and arts in Lemgo, Germany. During that time he worked with various kinds of media and audio-visual technologies. He was involved in several projects from short movies to commercials and design projects and created one of the biggest viral video campaigns for the G.O.P Varieté-Theater as a co-director in 2011. After an internship at Traxon Technologies in Paderborn, Germany, his interests have concentrated on the challenges of interactive design and technologies. With all the experiences he got the chance of merging them all together in the field of interaction design. He became extensively passionate for the maker/hacker culture and interactive technologies.