In a Coded Reality
“In a Coded Reality” is still in development. Follow the project here.

Human and Machine (
Human and Machine is an exploration of the interaction between man and machine on a theatrical, technological and narrative plane. Using open source, technologies in visualization, neurofeedback and robot real-time control, the project intends to build a theatrical performance in which an actor through thought, emotion and action controls a robot on stage, while interacting with it. The idea is to investigate and explore the human and machine relationship in contemporary society through theatrical exploration.

The Human and Machine project is a purely participatory and co-creative theatre/performance/experience, where the audience are engaged in the piece as it evolves and is created. From the first rehearsal and all through the design, audience has been an active part. During the experimentation it has become evident that the prototyping perspective to participatory theatre/performance is a powerful tool, enabling story to be evolved in constant collaboration.

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Human and Machine 0.1
In the first iteration of the project only a part of the technology and sensors where functioning. During the Nordic Larp festival Knutpunkt in april, the first iteration was tested in front of a live audience. A short larp, a love scene between the Human and Machine, was acted out as a performance. Much valuable data from both the technology, the team and the audience influenced the further development of the project.

Human and Machine 0.2 to 0.5
Iteration 0.2 and 0.3 was staged at Göteborg Science Festival, one of Europes largest science festivals. The performance was partly a play and partly a reading. Most of the technology was functioning, but some work with the robotic traverse and sensors need further development. Here, the robot OBO was presented for the first time on stage for a live audience. 0.4 and 0.5 was presented as a part of a master thesis presentation at the Dramatics department of the University of Malmö. Here all of the technology (including OBO) was functioning, but was not robust and stable. Theres still work to be done with rehearsals, trimming of technology, work on the traverse etcetera.

Human and Machine 0.6
Iteration 0.6 is a documentation of the performance as far as it was developed in the en of May 2014. The documentation was recorded with the help of Inter Art Center in Malmoe, Sweden. You can see it here.

Placebo took place in the autumn of 2013 at Teater Trixter in Göteborg, Sweden. Scenlaboratoriet presented work in progress in a separate project, for the up-coming experiment Human and Machine.

After a notice of persumed brain cancer, with his life in the arms of expertise and technology, a man falls into his own dream world in a brain scanner. Some one waits for him. Perhaps its a voice from his past, perhaps a mirroring, an inner meeting. Perhaps its a possibility to find the force to continue the fight against the disease, or to go on and leave everything behind.

The performance was 10 minutes long, and consisted of the interaction between an actor and an avatar, based in Garys Mod, a Game development environment. The avatars momement where partly scripted, and partly interactive in relationship with the actor through a kinect sensor. The performance was followed by a focus group with the audience, inviting them to a co-creative participatory design process, the first stepping points towards the project Human and Machine.